Trauma Brief Overview

Ferrets are flexible animals but are susceptible to injury many ways. Falling and being crushed are the two most common causes of physical trauma to a ferret. As a ferret explores they may climb objects like bookcases and tv stands falling from even a short distance could injure the animal. Another risk is something falling onto the ferret, but more commonly the ferret being stepped on. Pressure on the organs could cause internal bleeding which will require medical attention.

Balls and Wheels

Unfortunately, there are wheels and balls sold "for ferrets" that are unsafe.
Despite how flexible ferrets are, the way they walk in a wheel puts too much pressure on the spine and should not be used, even for a few minutes.

Trauma treatment

Ferrets treatment will vary depending on the severity of their injury.

Mild muscle strain may be treated with ____ at the direction of a DVM

Crushes and Large falls will likely require surgery to correct internal bleeding.