Understanding Rabies

Brief overview.

Rabies is neurotropic virus transmitted through saliva and does not require a physical bite from an infected host. It can be vaccinated against similar to Distemper

In-depth overview.

Rabies is a very scary virus to deal with, and most pet owners know about it because of media attention it has received over the years.

Symptoms include

  • Disorientation and seizures
  • Erratic behaviour often associated with high aggression or self-harm

The diagnoses method of rabies cases can be fairly morbid for most concerned owners. However, with the how aggressive most infected animals are and the virality of transmission the commonly accepted method of diagnoses is to isolate the animal for 10 days.

If your ferret dies during the gestation period most vets will still send a blood test to a lab to verify the animal had rabies, if the animal is still alive and healthy other tests may be done to determine if the animal has another neurological condition causing the symptoms.

The incubation period is up to one month.