Common Cancers

Hyperadrenocorticism aka Adrenal Disease/Cancer  (adrenal gland tumor)
Hypoglycaemia aka Insulinoma  (cancer of the pancreas)
Lymphoma (cancer of the white blood cells)

Lymphoma Brief overview

Lymphosarcoma is cancer of the Ferrets white blood cells, found typically thought lab panels of complete blood count and urinalysis. Lymphoma is terminal and in most cases not preventable.

Lymphoma Indepth overview

With no treatment ferrets with lymphoma are often treated only for pain as diagnosed by a veterinarian. However, because of the symptoms of lymphoma, some ferrets may require care. The main symptoms of this cancer overlap with others, so blood panels are important for proper diagnoses.

  • Enlarged lymph's spleen, or abdomen
  • Visible masses or lesions
  • Weight or appetite loss with anorexia like behaviour, vomiting or diarrhoea
  • Hind leg paralysis