Life Span Intro

8 months - sexual maturity
2 years - adult should be seen annually by a vet
4-6 years - twice yearly, this is often when health issues show up
7-10 - typical expected ageĀ 

Keep in mind every day is an adventure for a ferret so it may seem like a short time to us, but for them, they've had a very long life.

Ferret Time Line

Born, when a ferret is born they stay close to their mother
5 weeks, a ferret may now start to eat on their own (this is often in the pet industry when they're taken from their mothers)
1 months, a ferret will start to explore on their own
5 months, this is the age where they are the most receptive to training and eating new food.
8 months, At this time your baby ferret is full grown. This is the biggest they will be, with exception of winter weight or a pregnancy.
2-year-old ferrets should start to be seen by a vet, while we recommend owners take a more proactive approach to health a minimum visit yearly should be done. This is also when most owners will vaccinate for rabies and distemper

3-5 Illness' such as adrenal and insulinoma start to appear.

In North America, a ferret from commercial breeding will typically live to be 7-10
In Europe/UK, ferrets are expected to reach 9-11

While some ferrets live longer, most live shorter due to undiagnosed health issues.