Blockage brief

Ferrets have a complex intestinal track, and with how curious a ferret is it is possible for them to eat something that does not easily pass their digestive system.

Blockage in-depth Overview

As ferrets explore, they daily will come in contact with seemly safe items that can cause a ferret to require vet attention. Tho it is possible for a ferret to develop a blockage from food, most cases are from a ferret accidently ingesting something that can't pass.

Some ferrets develop a love for soft rubbery substances...

  • Buttons on a remote
  • Soft feet on electronics
  • Eyedropper bulb
  • Silicon phone cases
  • Sink/Bathtub water/drain stoppers
  • Shoes and shoe soles
  • Balloons
  • Eraser
  • Hoses and tubes (fish tank airline tube)
  • Toys with rubber tires
  • Weather stripping
  • Individually packaged laundry detergent packages

Interactive items that the ferret may feel like is "Fighting" back can also be dangerous as a ferret may bite or mouth it or chew a piece off.

  • Curtains
  • Wires
  • Clothing
  • Fake or Real plants
  • String and yarn
  • Holiday decorations

Other items worth being aware of.

  • Cooked foods, including bones
  • Elements in garbage can 
  • Warn toys or bedding

Some ferrets will chew or "mouth" other items and need to be closely monitored, young ferrets are more likely to accidently eat something they shouldn't. With how quick and erratic they can be this adds to the challenges of owning a young kit.

Blockage Treatment

A standard method used by ferret owners is to "feed" the ferret a mix of pumpkin puree and vaseline. The idea around the pumpkin is to give the ferret something that they will be able to "digest" that will fully use their digestive system.

The ferret will not get nutrients from pumpkin, but rather the pumpkin works like water in a sink. If your kitchen sink is partly blocked a small amount of water can trickle passed and won't clear the blockage...but, with a large volume of water, it can.

Oils and other lubricants like vaseline are used to help coat the walls of the digestive system to aid in passing hard or stuck items.

Another less traditional method includes eggs or other puree mixes of sorts, but a ferret with a blockage is a very serious issue. If you do not have access to a vet or and need to provide treatment yourself I would go with something known to be safe.

as an aside, egg by its self can give a ferret a loose stool so if it was a mild blockage or undigested food then that may help - but a constipated ferret is very unlikely - much more likely a blockage or some other internal pressure/pain causing them to not pass waste.