Common Cancers

Hyperadrenocorticism aka Adrenal Disease/Cancer  (adrenal gland tumor)
Hypoglycaemia aka Insulinoma  (cancer of the pancreas)
Lymphoma (cancer of the white blood cells)

Ferrets and Cancer.

With new research, previously undiagnosed cancers are being found and treated. But, because of how well ferrets hide pain and illness they are very hard to diagnose without blood work or constant observation.

Adrenal (Hyperadrenocorticism) Brief

Hyperadrenocorticism is one of the most common types of illness' a ferret owner deals with. Sometimes referred to as by Adrenal Disease, Hyperadrenocorticism is cancer caused by the over production of sex hormones.

Insulinoma brief overview

Hypoglycaemia is the medical diagnoses for low blood sugar, the symptoms are an effect of an excess insulin. The ferret's pancreas creates insulin to help regulate blood sugar

Lymphoma Brief overview

Lymphosarcoma is cancer of the Ferrets white blood cells, found typically thought lab panels of complete blood count and urinalysis. Lymphoma is terminal and in most cases not preventable.